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Since 1947

In 1947, brothers Carl and Theodore Sidwell formed a partnership to mine limestone. They purchased a farm which is where the processing center is located today. The farmhouse served as the main office for forty years until it was demolished in 1987 to build what is now the scale house in White Cottage, Ohio.

The partnership was incorporated in 1970 as Sidwell Brothers. By this time the children and Carl & Theodore were also actively involved in the business. In addition to limestone, Sidwell Brothers Inc, was also mining coal, producing asphalt, and constructing roads.

They continued at this pace until 1997, a year that brought great change to the company. Sidwell Brothers Inc was purchased by the grandson of Carl Sidwell. Jeffrey Sidwell who in addition to already owning a successful business, Tri-Son Concrete, a Ready Mix Concrete Company, situated in Bellaire, Ohio and a Limestone Quarry, Bellaire Stone, also in Bellaire, Ohio changed the name from Sidwell Brothers Inc. to Sidwell Materials Inc. to reflect the new ownership.

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Under his leadership several positive changes occurred such as.
1. A Dedicated safety program was implemented to insure the safety of it’s employee’s
2. New Operating equipment was purchased to help the company become more productive and increase efficiency.

Under the leadership of the company’s President Jeffrey R. Sidwell, Sidwell Materials Inc. continues to grow and now operates one sand and gravel quarry Midvale Sand & Gravel located in New Philadelphia, Ohio and five limestone quarries, the main operation and corporate office being situated in Zanesville, Ohio, Uniontown Stone in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and Standing Stone in Cadiz, Ohio and Blaine Aggregates in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Sidwell Materials Inc. also owns and operates an EPA licensed landfill in Zanesville, Ohio, along with Southeast Tire a tire store located in South Zanesville, Ohio. In addition, Sidwell Materials Inc. also provides contract stripping and crushing throughout the State of Ohio.

Sidwell Materials Inc. employs over one hundred employees throughout the State of Ohio and as we continue to grow as a company we are always looking for new ways to make the necessary changes to keep up with the ever changing industry.

Providing Landfill, Roll-Off & Stone Material Services.

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